Again, I Rise

Again, I Rise

Immortality Options for Player Characters

1. Death Contract

Zentigor The Everdead, Lich King of Mothreach will purchase a living creature’s death for 500gp (it can be haggled to 1000gp). This pact involves signing a contract in in the signee’s blood. It can be done through a mail order service or in person. The signee has no obligations in life but in death their corpse will rise on the next full moon. They will retain most traits and memories but will rot until only a skeleton remains. They must obey Zentigor’s commands and will not experience true death until he releases them from service. Occasionally, lost paperwork results in wandering masterless skeletons.

2. Glump’s Mark

Old Glump, a lesser demon prince of senseless murders, will place Glump’s Mark on the forehead of whoever accepts his pact. If one dies while bearing Glump’s Mark, they will be revived in 10 minutes. They will not be totally healed of any wounds or disease that killed them but will be stable and conscious and the Mark will be gone. To enter into the pact, a person must carve Glump’s Mark into a tree trunk then murder an innocent person within 24 hours. Next time they awake, Glump’s Mark will be on their forehead. Few except the most depraved occultists and magicians recognize the ugly mark. It is only recorded in a few forbidden books and on trunks of certain dead trees.

3. Indentured Mechanical Service

The gnome cults of the Pitch Black Ravine require workers for their excavation projects. They will place the mind of a worker into a special mechanical body suited for their work. This body will not age or die from natural causes. The process is irreversible and the bodies are varied in quality and abilities. The workers are free to leave after 1d6 years of service. Their memories are often eroded and many are tricked into longer service than originally planned.

4. Ghosts

There are many ways to become a ghost: curses, pacts, bad luck. Ghosts generally cannot interact with the material world beyond minor temperature changes or producing small gusts of wind. They can, through practice or magical coercion, speak to the living and even influence their dreams. Some ghosts develop the ability to possess a living body in order to interact with the physical world. This is frowned upon by most societies. Ghosts must remain ghosts until they break whatever magic holds them here. This usually involves completing unfinished pacts, getting revenge, helping a loved one, or accomplishing a task they devoted their life to.

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