Shipping Label Dungeon

Shipping Label Dungeon


Thermal Printer!

I got a thermal printer for 4x6 shipping labels but so far I’ve just been printing little dungeons on it.

I’ve also made some stickers of random tables to go on my DM screen.

Cult Of The Endless Eel


  1. Reptilian footprints lead toward room 2. It appears they were dragging something.
  2. In a locked cage are two badly injured townsfolk, stripped and painted purple.
  3. A geometric stylized statue of a humanoid figure with hands together palms up. A fresh human heart sits in the hands.
  4. Two lizardfolk play a soccer like game with a purple human head.
  5. A purple mural of a giant eel swallowing earth.
  6. A lizardfolk stirs a bubbling vat of purple paint.
  7. Smokey. Two purple townsfolk bodies burn in a pit.
  8. A lizardfolk priest chants as two others dance around a purple townsfolk body in a magic salt circle. In 5 minutes, if their ritual is uninterrupted, an endless giant eel will burst through the magic circle and eat everyone it finds.
1-3. 1d4 Lizardfolk
4. Escaped purple painted prisoner
5-6. A Lizardfolk on spider steed

N8 Writer, artist, game designer. Creator of Tunnel Goons. Inventor of pamphlet dungeons.
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