Black Feather Forest

Black Feather Forest

Your small raft drifts aimlessly on the windless sea. You see a lantern light pierce the thick fog. The first sign of land some time. It sits on the edge of a worn dock. An old man with a pegleg sits beside it, holding a fishing pole and gazing into the water. When he sees you, he scrambles for a rope and tosses it towards your raft and helps pull you ashore. “Welcome to Twigport! You’re the first thing I’ve caught in days.”


Black Feather Forest

There’s a 4-in-6 chance of foggy weather on any given day.

Map Locations

1. Twigport

A small dreary fishing village with only a handful of remaining residents. Chief fisherman Guernswell says the fishing and hunting has gotten bad since the dragon Zeltiak arrived in the area. As if the wild critters have mostly ran away. Will pay 100gp and hold a festival in the party’s honor if they get rid of the dragon.

2. Henge

An old necromancer, known as Filthy Eustace, camps under this henge with his 4 zombie guards. He’s accidentally raised the dead in the old cemetery (Hex #5) and they wander the land aimlessly. It weighs on his conscience. He will give the party a skeleton hawk familiar if they put the 10 Wandering Skeletons to rest.

Filthy Eustace

3. Stone Circle

An ancient monument to Gordmak, Demon Lord of Laziness. It takes extra effort to perform any action here. -4 to all rolls. A gold idol of Gordmak worth 500gp is buried in the center of the circle.

4. Slime Pond

Full of green sticky slime. The glint of gold and gems can be seen at the bottom of the pond in the daytime. A lure set by the 3 carnivorous razor toothed mermaids who lives in the depths. 1d6x100gp worth of jewelry and a magic scroll in a bottle lie in a sack at the bottom of the pond.


5. The Old Cemetery

Ancient tombstones inscribed with a forgotten language. Ten graves have been dug up. 5 remain undisturbed. These each contain a skeleton and 1d20 gold coins.

6. The Dragon’s Cave

Zeltiak the white dragon sleeps here on a pile of bones and 2500gp. Two enthralled ogres serve him, bringing him animals and people to eat as well as more gold. Zeltiak is vain a cruel and enjoys puzzles and riddles. He considers all living creatures a future meal unless convinced otherwise. He desires gold above all and is easily bribed.

Random Encounters

When entering a hex there is a 1-in-6 chance of a random encounter.

1d12 Encounter Description
1 2d6 Goblins Small humanoids with antlers. They enjoy mocking humans. -1 on reactions to human only parties.
2 2d12 Bandits If hostile, they can usually be satiated with gold. -1 on reactions if any party members wear fine clothes.
3 1d100 Ravens Intelligent black birds. Can speak infernal languages.
4 2d6 Roach Riders Nomadic traders riding large insects. Goods: Sugar, Vodka, Rations, Chitin Shields, Smoke Bombs. +1 on reactions.
5 1d12 Pilgrims Travelling to the stone circle. They heard an ancient relic was buried there. Will pay 2d6gp for escort. +1 on reactions.
6 10 Wandering Skeletons Seeking empty tombs to rest in.
7 Ogre Enthralled to the dragon Zeltiak. Steals gold for his hoard. -1 to reactions.
8 Earthquake Lasts for 2d6 seconds. Make Dex save or fall prone and drop any carried items.
9 Ghostly Music Warbling horn music can be heard in the distance. The direction cannot be determined.
10 2d6 Bounty Hunters Armored and wielding maces. Searching for bandits or someone to frame as bandits. +1 to reactions if any party members wear fine clothes.
11 Small Black Rain Cloud It forms directly above the party and rains heavily for 1d12 minutes before dissipating with the sound of wheezing laughter.
12 Sasquatch A caretaker of the forest. -1 on reactions if anyone in the party wields an ax.


Roll to see how encountered creatures react to the party.

2d6 Reaction
1-2 Immediate attack
3-5 Hostile, possible attack
6-8 Uncertain, wary or confused
9-11 No attack, leaves unless engaged
12-13 Enthusiastic friendship

Enthusiatic Friendship


Creature HD AC AV ST Flesh Grit Special
Bandit 1 2 11 6 3 3 Bandit Leader carries 2d6x100gp
Boar 3 2 13 8 5 10 Runs if not ridden by a goblin
Bounty Hunter 2 3 12 7 5 7 Carries manacles and a net
Carnivorous Mermaid 2 3 12 7 6 7 Can mimic human singing perfectly
Filthy Eustace 1 2 11 6 3 4 Daily Spells: Animate Dead, Raise Dead, and Cause Disease
Goblin 1 2 11 6 3 2 1-in-6 chance that one will be mounted on a Boar. Always have better-than-average treasure.
Guernswell 1 2 11 6 3 2 Overwhelming fishy odor
Ogre 4 4 14 9 7 13 Carry sacks containing a total of 1d6 x 100gp
Pilgrim 1 2 11 6 3 3 Daily Spells: 1-in-6 chance of knowing Commune, 4-in-6 chance of knowing Bless/Curse
Raven 1 1 11 6 2 1 Can sense gold with in 1 mile
Roach Rider 1 3 11 6 3 4 Long reaching spears.
Giant Roach 3 4 13 8 7 11 Spews acid on death
Sasquatch 3 2 13 8 7 15 Daily Spell: Invisibility
Skeleton 1 2 11 6 4 3 Always feel tired, irritable.
Zeltiak (White Dragon) 6 6 16 11 10 22 1-in-2 chance to be sleeping. Cold breath (3/day).
Zombie 2 2 12 7 6 6 Mindless undead. Never roll Morale.

Art Credits

In order of appearance

Adolph Tidemand, Forest Study. 1871. Photo: Thorkildsen, Morten / The National Museum

Christian Krohg, Los Niels Larsen. 1890. Photo: Ivarsøy, Dag Andre / The National Museum

Black Feather Forest Map by Nate Treme

Adolph Tidemand, Ole Nielsen Brække, Sauland. 1844. Photo: The National Museum

Theodor Kittelsen, Illustrasjon til “Troldskab”, Kristiania 1892. 1887. Photo: Lathion, Jacques / The National Museum

Erik Werenskiold, Then they both laughed heartily. 1886. Photo: Ivarsøy, Dag Andre/ The National Museum

N8 Writer, artist, game designer. Creator of Tunnel Goons. Inventor of pamphlet dungeons.
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