Catacomb Of The Serpent Priest

Catacomb Of The Serpent Priest


The Catacomb

A caravan guard, thirteen drinks deep in a tavern, tells of a strange doorway he stumbled across while lost from his caravan. It was cut into a diamond-shaped rock formation deep in the Hissing Desert. The guard was overwhelmed by the sensation he was being watched. He was found half dead in the sands with no memory of what happened. He draws a crude map to the doorway before passing out. Could it be the resting place of a Zzethusulah, the fabled priest of the ancient snake people? Filled with treasures of the extinct snake kingdom?

D10 Random Encounters

When players enter an unkeyed room for the first time there is a 3 in 6 chance of an encounter

1d10 Encounter
1 2d6 cobra snakes
2 A gibbering hermit clad in snakeskin. Spell: Poison Spray
3 A hairless gorilla with stone gauntlets
4 A large scorpion
5 3d6 sleep moths
6 2d6 goblin explorers. one wears a too-large conquistador’s helm
7 A green transparent ooze
8 An affectionate calico cat
9 A small stone figurine that resembles a player character
10 A floating mirror that follows any light source.

Room 1

A pattern of intertwined serpents carved into the stone wall appears, out of the corner of one’s eye, to move as if alive. It is only an illusion. Old dried snake skin carpets the floor, hiding a bronze khopesh with an ivory hilt.

Room 2

A stone stoup carved into a fanged snake maw is in the center of the room. It is filled with snake venom and a man in leather armor is slumped into it, his face submerged. His skull peeks through the mostly dissolved skin of his face. If removed from the stoup the stone mouth’s tongue will lash out at whoever removed him and try to pull them into the acidic venom. Touching the venom does 2d12 damage every turn. The man has 3d6 silver pieces on his person.

Room 3

The hissing and writhing of hundreds of snakes can be heard. The stone floor is an illusion except for a three-foot wide path against the wall that goes around the room. Hidden by the illusion is a 20-deep pit filled with 300 poisonous snakes.

Room 4

A giant serpent guards a stone sarcophagus. Inside is the skeleton of a snake man priest. wrapped in a snakeskin robe. In his fist is a jade ring that transforms its wearer into a black snake until removed.

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